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How do I?

How Do I...

  • Place a Reservation
  • Suggest an Item for Purchase
  • Set up an Alert Profile
  • Renew My Loans
  • Cancel a Reservation, Booking or Request
  • Add a Review
  • Manage My SavedList
  • Find My Password
  • Ask a Question

Place a Reservation

Reservations may be placed on items in the local collection if they are currently on loan.

To place a reservation:

  1. Search the catalogue and find the item you would like to place a reservation on.
  2. Select the Place Reservation button displayed on the right-hand side of the record display. This button will only appear if a reservation may be placed on this title. A form will be presented for you to complete.
  3. Enter your borrower ID and password if you are not already logged in.
  4. Enter the information required by filling out all the fields.
  5. Select an expiry period or enter a specific expiry date. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if not satisfied by this date.
  6. Enter any notes you would like to include then select the Continue button.
  7. If you decided to proceed, details of your reservation will be displayed. This includes your current rank in the waiting list for the title.


Suggest an Item for Purchase

If you are unable to find the item you are looking for in the local catalogue and you think it would be appropriate for the Library to purchase the item for the local collection, you can place a request to ask the Library to consider the item for purchase.

To suggest an item for purchase:

  1. Click the Suggest a Purchase button in the My Library section of the homepage.
  2. If you are not currently logged on you will be prompted to identify yourself for this transaction. Enter your borrower ID and password then select the OK button.
  3. The request form will be displayed. Please enter as much information as you can about the item you require. You must enter the title of the item.
  4. You will also need to enter a date after which the item is not required and the location from which you would like to pickup the item.
  5. A confirmation page will be displayed. This will indicate if there are any charges associated with your request. It will also give you the option to return to your request form, to cancel the request or to continue with your request.
  6. Select the Continue button to proceed with your request. Your request record will be displayed including the request number.

You will be advised by the Library when the item is ready to be picked up. You can also track the progress of your request or cancel your request by using the facilities in My Account.


Set up an Alert Profile

You can setup an alert profile online at any time using the facilities provided in My Account.


Renew My Loans

You can renew your loans online at any time using the facilities provided in My Account .


Cancel a Reservation, Booking or Request

You can cancel your current reservations, bookings or requests if they are no longer required. You will need to access your records using My Library.


Add a Review

As you browse through the records in your result set after performing a search in the Library Catalogue, you will notice that some records are displayed with a number of stars. This indicates that one or more reviews have been attached to the record displayed. The number of stars displayed is an average of the ratings given to this record by the reviewers. Ratings are given as a star rating, 5 stars being the best and 0 star being the worst.

Do the following to add your review to a record:

  1. Retrieve the record you want to add your review to and display in full display.
  2. Click on the link to Add your review.
  3. Enter your borrower ID and password if you are not already logged in.
  4. Select the rating you would like to assign with 0 being very bad and 5 being very good.
  5. Enter your comments. You can enter as much text as you like.
  6. Select the 'Continue' to submit your review.


Change your Password

If you would like to change your password, login to your account and access the 'Personal Details' section. This will allow you to access and change your information including selecting a new password. Once you have edited your details in this section, click 'Update'.


Ask a Question

If you any other questions on any topic, we'll do our best to find the answer for you. You can contact us by phone or email.